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The first Slovak coloured gin is a perfect combination of the pure taste of the world award-winning TOISON gin with a fresh taste of raspberries, strawberries and elderberries. While the design of our flagship, TOISON craft spirit, is rather gentle and elegant, TOISON RED has a touch of sophisticated playfulness thanks to its red label and unconventional shade of ruby red.


TOISON is the basis of infused red gin, which is created by maceration of juniper berries, flowers, and herbs with wheat spirit. Then, it is distilled and left to mature in olden earthenware vessel - dating to the former Czechoslovakia. It then goes through a process of further maceration with carefully selected berries and without any addition of artificial colours or aromas. The result is spirit TOISON RUBY RED with a significant ruby colour and authentic taste.

Get to know your TOISON RUBY RED.

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